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Digitale Azan muur klok

Adan klok met een breed scala aan geavanceerde functies.

1.1 Muslim Prayer Clock

1.2 Clock

* Support daylight saving time(DST) mode and standard time mode
* Display in hh:mm 12/24 hour format

1.3 Calendar

* Support automatic calendar function
* Display in dd/mm/yyyy format
* Solar Date (ranging from 2000 to 2049)
* Arabic Date (ranging from 1423 to 1472)
* Support conversion from Solar Date to Arabic Date

1.4 Alarm

* Daily Alarm
* Weekly Alarm supporting three modes

Alarm is kept for 5 days from Monday to Friday
Alarm is kept for 6 days from Monday to Saturday
Alarm is workable for each day in a week

* FAJR Alarm
An additional daily alarm for praying

* Support snooze function (5 minutes per cycle)
* Controllable alarm volume

1.5 Prayer Timer

* Capable to display the five prayer times according to the city defined
* Support 255 cities
* Capable to point out the correct prayer direction
* Capable to play the prayer adan at the 5 prayer times
* Controllable adan volume

1.6 Thermometer

1.6 Key tone

* One “beep” sound when press any key (except turn the volume knob)
* Cpmtrollable Key tone volume

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